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At Diana’s Quality Care, the safety and well-being of our residents and staff are paramount. We maintain a comprehensive set of safety and security measures within our care delivery environment to minimize risks, prevent accidents, and ensure a secure and nurturing atmosphere for all. Our commitment to safety encompasses falls prevention, infection control, emergency preparedness, and stringent security protocols to provide peace of mind to residents and their families.

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  • We implement proactive measures to reduce the risk of falls among our residents, including regular assessments to identify fall hazards, implementing environmental modifications such as handrails and non-slip flooring, and providing mobility aids and assistance as needed.
  • Our caregivers receive specialized training in falls prevention techniques and strategies to help residents maintain balance, mobility, and independence while minimizing the risk of falls.
  • We adhere to strict infection control protocols to prevent the spread of infections and diseases within our care environment. This includes regular cleaning and disinfection of shared spaces and high-touch surfaces, proper hand hygiene practices, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by staff and visitors.
  • We stay informed of best practices and guidelines from public health authorities and implement additional measures as needed to mitigate the risk of infectious diseases, such as screening for symptoms, conducting testing when necessary, and facilitating vaccination efforts.
  • We have comprehensive emergency preparedness plans in place to respond effectively to a wide range of potential emergencies, including medical emergencies, natural disasters, and security threats.
  • Our staff receive regular training and drills to ensure they are prepared to respond quickly and efficiently in emergency situations, with clear protocols for communication, evacuation, and coordination with emergency services.
  • We maintain strict security protocols to ensure the safety and security of our residents, staff, and visitors. This includes controlled access to our facilities, surveillance cameras in common areas, and trained security personnel on-site as needed.
  • We regularly review and update our security measures to address emerging threats and ensure that our residents feel safe and protected at all times.

Our caregivers are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your journey, providing the encouragement, motivation, and assistance you need to reach your goals.

At Diana’s Quality Care, we are committed to creating a safe, secure, and supportive environment where residents can thrive and families can have peace of mind. Our comprehensive safety and security measures reflect our dedication to providing the highest standard of care and ensuring the well-being of everyone in our community.

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